Ashland Breeders Show
2009 September 27

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Search Instructions

The search will only look for images taken at the event listed at the top of this page.

The search facility uses the competitor and horse information that Blue Sky was able to gather at the event. This information may not be complete, and some entries may be incorrect. Please contact us with corrections if you should find any errors.

You can search for images by competitor Id or by horse name. The drop-down lists contain only those values that exist for images. If the competitor Id or horse name that you wish is not present in the drop-down list, that does not mean that no image exists - it only means that the information collected by Blue Sky does not associate that Id or name with an image.

If you search by competitor Id, be aware that there are cases where the same Id was used for two different persons in different competitions and/or on different days. Thus, the search will return results for more than one person.

If you search by horse name, there are cases where the same horse was ridden by different persons. For this reason, the drop-down entries show both the horse name and the competitor Id.