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For our clients, sign on here to view proofs of your photo session.

Blue Sky Photography's mission is to provide cherished memories of your pet which will last forever.

Pets often feel stressed when in new environments and situations, or when strangers are around. In order to minimize these effects we will photograph your pet either at your home or in a location where you pet is at ease. The photographer will allow for additional time to get to know your pet before any pictures are taken. The average photo session will last 1 to 2 hours.


Please contact us to discuss the services we offer and the kind of images you desire. After establishing the requirements for the photographic session, an appointment will be made to meet at your home or chosen location. Where possible, images will be uploaded to a laptop computer where you may view the photos to insure that the desired images have been obtained.

After the post-session processing has been completed, you will have the choice of viewing the proofs online or having them delivered to you.

Photographs from 4 X 6 to 20 X 30 are available. All photographs are produced using archival quality inks and paper.

Payment can be made via cash, money order, cheque, or credit card Visa MasterCard

The copyright for all images remains with Blue Sky Photography unless other arrangements are made and listed on the contract.

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